The Texas Tone® EB22

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Ellis Bullard Signature Amp with Tremolo


Country Music Honky-Tonk star Ellis Bullard needed to upgrade from his 12 Watt Fender® '68 Custom Princeton Reverb amplifier, and he came to Texas Tone® looking for a replacement. The Texas Tone® 12 with the Hypnotic Slam Effect tremolo was the starting point. Being that Ellis fronts a hard driving honky-tonk band, he wanted some extra volume and clean headroom. Working hand in hand with Ellis, we came up with an upgraded Texas Tone® 12, adjusting the gain structure and power output to add what he wanted without taking away the awesome tone and tremolo offered in the standard production model. You want a small combo amp with killer tremolo with clean headroom to play those clean fills? This is it. Ellis Bullard says, "Man, this thing singssss! It's like a Fender but better!" We concur.

The Texas Tone® EB22 features deep bass response and shimmering highs without being muddy or icepick harsh. Rather than the simple treble cut like most Tone controls, the EB22 uses Low-pass/High-pass EQ control that adjUsts the amount of treble or bass with minimal effect on your volume. Sensitive yet subtle, this tone control gives you wide tonal variety without taking over your sound. Country, swing, blues, jazz, or rock, you will be surprised at the variety of tones you can achieve with this amp!

The output modulating tremolo circuit is lush and wide-ranging, not harsh like optical cut-off type tremolo circuits, but an Hypnotic Slam Effect that can be activated using the included foot switch.

When you play, you want to hear the sound of your guitar- not unwanted noise. Towards that end, the Texas Tone® EB22 uses shielded input cables and a proven electrical engineering grounding scheme to eliminate unwanted noise and hum from both internal and external sources. High voltage filtering is increased over traditional tweed-type circuits to provide a lower noise floor and a tighter bass response. You'll want to see the power on light to verify that the amp is turned on!

The Texas Tone® 12 EB22 all tube guitar combo amplifier. $1,995.00. Includes footswitch, and Custom Amp Cover.

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Texas Tone® 12 - EB22 Owners Manual

All specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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