The Texas Tone® Traveler

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone® Traveler 2-channel Combo Amp

34 pounds... 40 Watts... Clean to distortion... Quiet to Loud... 3 amps in one


The ulitmate in guitar amp versatility!

The Texas Tone® Traveler is the pefect amp for stage, studio, or home use! You will find the versatility unmatched - clean to dirty at any volume, in an easy to carry package.

Vintage Channel

The Vintage channel is pure, unadulterated tube tone! Turn it down low for low volume home use. Crank it, and you can dial in the volume and distorion from your hands and your guitar. Pedals love this channel, too. Even at full volume, the amp is still noise-free. The special Moonlight tone control lets you add highs or lows without affecting your volume; it's not your average simple treble rolloff that kills your volume when you turn it down!

High Gain Channel

Separate Gain and Volume controls let you play clean or loud at any volume, taking advantage of the full ouput power of the amplifier. Max out the Volume and use the Gain to play clean at sound levels from low to high. If desired, use your favorite pedals here.

Turn the Volume lower and dial in high-gain distortion with the Gain contol.

Vary the Gain and Volume to dial in just the amount of clean or distortion at whatever sound level you want. This amp is just as happy either way.

Combine or Switch Channels

Unlike most two channel amps, the two channels of the Texas Tone® Traveler are not out of phase, allowing them to be combined. One player connected his piano to one side and organ to the other.

Use a Y cable or A/B/Y box to combine or switch channels. One of our favorites is to connect via a Y cable and dial in the Vintage channel, and then slowly add in High Gain channel distortion. Or set each channel as desired and switch back and forth for leads and rhythm.

The result is a loud, portable, versatile combo amp with a single 12" Jensen® speaker that is perfect for blues and rock. Vintage American tone with tight lows and warm, smooth mids and highs, with strong upper mid emphasis and extended highs. With the Texas Tone® Traveler, whether you want play clean or dirty you get great rock tone. I love this amp, and you will, too!

The TEXAS TONE® Traveler includes the features listed below:

Same Circuit as Texas Tone Ranger

The Texas Tone® Traveler tube guitar amplifier. Built by Hand in Austin, Texas: $1,895.00 plus any applicable taxes and shipping. Includes Custom Amp Cover. In stock.

To purchase, please use the buy now buttons, or email us for an inquiry.

Available options include a channel-switching relay, choice of speaker, Mud Stand, and blonde or red snake Tolex.

Traveler Owners Manual

Note: specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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