The Texas Tone® 30

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone 30

30 Watt All Tube Rock and Blues Combo Amp

I call it my BB King amp

The TEXAS TONE® 30 is another 'inspired by' all-tube guitar amplifier, in this case inspired by the tweed Bassman, it's near-twin the JTM45, and the black-faced Pro, with some important changes.

I've replaced the Bright channel with a Lead channel, with changes to the gain and frequency response to allow for a bit more drive for rock leads, with or without pedals.

The Presence control has been supplanted by a Voicing control that is much more subtle. The output section is more like a black-faced mid 1960s amp, with a wide-range, higher gain phase inverter.

The result is a loud, versatile combo amp with a single Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60W Speaker, that can play clean or get great rock tone. As usual, the noise floor of the TEXAS TONE® 30 is quite low, designed for, and resulting in, reduced hum and hiss.

The TEXAS TONE® 30 includes the features listed below:

Texas Tone® Amps are built with a discerning musician's care. Every component, every wire lead, every solder joint, is carefully selected, laid out, bent, and soldered to ensure long life, optimal tone, and low noise. To further reduce amp hum, I follow modern electrical engineering practice and use a modified single point grounding scheme.

Texas Tone 30

The Blumentritt Amplification Texas Tone® 30 all tube guitar amplifier. $2,495.00 For more information or to place an order, please send me an inquiry.


* Exclusive Double Mica spacers in the top of the tube to reduce rattle in combo amps!

Note: specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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