Texas TONE™ Studio Reverb

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone Studio Reverb Texas Tone Studio Reverb Texas Tone Studio Reverb Texas Tone Studio Reverb

Beautiful Tube Tone and Reverb at Lower Volumes!

You've never played an amp like the Texas Tone™ Studio Reverb, because one has never been made like it before! It's studio quiet, has a beautiful clean tone and generous headroom, making it very pedal-friendly, uses long-spring reverb, and it's not too loud for your studio, coffee house, church, or small venue.

Following on the success of the Texas 2:10 Special circuit and customer requests for an amp with built-in reverb, Blumentritt Amplification is proud to present the Texas Tone™ Studio Reverb. The unique cicuit of the Studio Reverb allows for low noise, generous headroom, touch dynamic sensitivity, wide range of tonal variation, a lush reverb effect, and is extremely pedal-friendly. Powered by a pair of push-pull 6L6GC power tubes and 12AX7, ECC803 and 12AT7 preamp tubes, it's designed to be played cranked and not be too loud.

The Texas Tone™ Studio Reverb is designed for studio-quiet operation, clean headroom, pedal friendliness, and spring reverb. You can crank this amp wide open and get that touch-sensitive dynamic tube sound you want, without being too loud. Place your favorite pedals in front to get your signature tone.

The Blumentritt Amplification Texas Tone™ Studio Reverb all tube guitar amplifier. $1,995.00. To purchase the Studio Reverb, please send us an inquiry or message us on Facebook.

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