Texas Tone® Artist Signature Series

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone Ahmanson Special Bryce Wayt 50W Lancaster

Texas Tone® Artist Signature Amplifiers

Ahmanson special

Texas Tone® Signature Series amps are designed to the specifications of Texas Tone® performing artist specifications. We take their specifications, and dialog about what they need from a guitar amplifier and turn it in to a signature amplifier.

The Texas Tone® Signature Series amps are inspired by performing and recording artist to meet their specific needs..

Texas Tone® Ahmanson Special

Justin Ahmanson of The Traveling Ones wanted to get his signature soulful slide guitar tone at lower stage volumes. He sent me his specs and desires, and the Ahmanson Special is the result. This design features circuit refinements to achieve this goal. We re-voiced the first stage gain control and the phase inverter to ensure smooth overdrive, not the ugly 'blatting' overdrive tones often found in traditonal 12-15W 10" speaker Reverb amplifiers. High and low gain inputs and high and low power outputs allow Justin the flexibility to meet his needs for a variety of venues, from intimate duets in house concerts to shows with a full rock band. He loves the "tone for days" and we think you might, too.

To place an order, please send me an inquiry. Current lead time is about 12-18 weeks.

Texas Tone® BW50

Imaging a Fender® Super Reverb with Marshall® drive and power!

Input from Texas Tone artist Bryce Wayt expressed his desire for an amp with "more volume" than his Texas Tone 30 (previously our loudest amp). Add in reverb and tremolo, separate gain and volume controls, in a stunning burgundy snakeskin, black and gold cab with three 10" speaker, and we have the Texas Tone BW50 tube guitar amp. Reverb, Tremolo, Texas Tone, and ample volume can be yours as well.

The BW50 is also available as a head. See the XTM45

To place an order, please send me an inquiry. Current lead time is about 12-18 weeks.

Texas Tone® "Lancaster" Amp

Lancaster Lancaster

Awesome Marshall® Lead amp in a 25W 12" lightweight combo!

Radio & TV personality, and Texas Tone® amp endorser, Curt Lancaster, wanted a small combo amp with a 12" speaker, EL34 output tubes, "plenty of punch", overdrive, and a master volume control. We worked together to create the Texas Tone® "Lancaster" amp. Striking in burgundy snakeskin and gold trim to match the awesome tone and power, we created and amp that Curt calls "awesome," and one can be yours!

Curt says, "Once you've played a Texas Tone amp you can't go back to your [old] amp," and he calls the Lancaster "One SUPER amp!!!!!! The Lancaster Texas Tone amp is very loud and I have it on 2. This amp is AWESOME‼️‼️‼️"

Based on a design by RobRobinette.com, with numerous Texas Tone® mods, it weighs less than 32 pounds, puts out 25 Watts with EL34 tubes, has 3-band EQ, a preamp volume control, a power amp master volume control, and a presence control. In effect, it's a 25W combo mini-2204. It has plenty of punch, plenty of gigging volume, and enough distortion on tap to rattle your teeth if need be.

It also sounds great clean, and using the Low input, can even sound like those famous American amps...

The Texas Tone® Lancaster tube guitar amplifier. Built by Hand in Austin, Texas: $1,995.00 plus any applicable taxes and shipping. Includes Custom Amp Cover. In stock. Email us for more information:

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