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User Comments About Texas Tone Amps

This amp has whipped ass all over the Country! Texas Tone Amps knocked this out and I'm so stoked to Collab on a Tonkin Machine! The EB 22 is hot, y'all!" -Ellis Bullard, Ellis Bullard Music.

If you're into sweeeeeet Tone, check out Texas Tone. - Spooky, Spellgrinder.

I needed something that could break up naturally and be played at low volume. Bruce worked with me and put together this amazing piece of equipment!!! I’ve never had better tone on stage :) -Justin Ahmanson, The Traveling Ones.

Amazing!!! I feel like I’ve finally made it. Bruce, you’re a dang genius!!! My Texas Tone 30 sounded great... The tone was on point... Never have to worry about it. Set it and forget it!!! Thanks Bruce!! -Bryce Wayt, The Yellow Roses

The 'Texas Tone 12' amp from Blumentritt Amplification [has] the crisp cleans, and crunchy punch and pop I'm always looking for... it is definitely the sound of Austin, Texas, right there. - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

Amazing tone!!!; These are some killer amps!! - Jonray Higginbotham, Kingdom Sound.

Many times I'll play amps and you can't tell one from the other. These are very distinctly different sounding amps. They made me play differently. I started approaching the instrument in a different way as I played each one. - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

Your Texas Tone sounds great! I think it is an excellent amp for smaller room gigs or rehearsal, and definitely studio work. It is really responsive, breaks up nicely, and gives a great warm/slightly-compressed overdrive. And man, that tremolo sounds sweet! There were a couple of those ballads where Schley and I both heard it and gave the thumbs-up! I wouldn't change a thing about it. Thanks for letting me play through it! - John Winsor, Rosie and The Ramblers.

Revved 'Blondie' up in the garage today.....dude, THE BEST amp choice I ever made! - John Barnes, musician, talking about his Texas Tone 12.

At last !!!, been playing with this for a couple of weeks and am really impressed !, made by Blumentritt in Austin it's a 12AU7 pre amp that has controls that work - yippee :-) It doesn't sound like a Marshall pushed to '11' just warm fat and very musical. Warm sustain/hardly know its on type of thing, reckon this'll be a keeper. - John Stannard, guitarist. John Stannard fan site.

I am listening to my husband twang on a Telecaster through my little De Lisle and your boost right now, and let me tell you what....it sounds AMAZING!!!! - Mandy Marie Luke, Giddy Up Go.

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