Texas Tone™ Tube Amp Accessories

NOS Tube Inventory

New Old Stock (NOS) USA made vacuum tubes. If it's listed here, it's in stock. Inquire for quantities on hand or to place an order.

MIL-Spec USA made 12AT7 Raytheon USA made 12AU7 RCA USA made 12AU7 RCA USA made 12AX7 RCA USA made 12AY7 Philips JAN 5Y3GT

Texas Tone™ Wires and Cables

Low-noise guitar and speaker cables. Like all Texas Tone™ products, they're built by hand in Austin, Texas.

Guitar cords use Mogami low noise shielded cable. Speaker cables use 18AWG hand twisted pair cable. All cables use USA made Switchcraft plugs.

Low noise shielded guitar cables Low noise speaker cables