User Comments About Blumentritt Amps

"Texas Tone... these custom amps are remarkable! His stuff was just amazingly impressive!!! They were awesome... and totally handmade custom... coolest amps I have ever seen!" - Lauraine O'Toole, musician and audio engineer.

"Your Texas Tone 12 sounds great! I think it is an excellent amp for smaller room gigs or rehearsal, and definitely studio work. It is really responsive, breaks up nicely, and gives a great warm/slightly-compressed overdrive. And man, that tremolo sounds sweet! There were a couple of those ballads where Schley and I both heard it and gave the thumbs-up! I wouldn't change a thing about it. Thanks for letting me play through it!" -John Winsor, Rosie and The Ramblers.

"The Texas Tone 12 amp from Blumentritt Amplification [has] the crisp cleans, and crunchy punch and pop I’m always looking for." - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

"At last !!!, been playing with this [Armadillo Tone] for a couple of weeks and am really impressed !, made by Blumentritt in Austin it's a 12au7 pre amp that has controls that work - yippee :-) It doesn't sound like a Marshall pushed to '11' just warm fat and very musical. Warm sustain/hardly know it's on type of thing, reckon this'll be a keeper." - John Stannard, guitarist.

"I am listening to my husband twang on a Telecaster through my little De Lisle and your [Armadillo Tone] boost right now, and let me tell you sounds AMAZING!!!!" - Mandy Marie Luke, musician.

“Many times I'll play amps and you can't tell one from the other.  These are very distinctly different sounding amps.  They made me play differently.  I started approaching the instrument in a different way as I played each one.”  - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show