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This specimen is the fansatic Vintage Guitars US ReIssue Jerry Donahue Signature Edition V58JDAB ash blonde.

Using unique Wilkinson single coil pickups custom wound to Jerry’s exact recipe and his custom wired five-way switch and circuitry, Trev has created an instrument which achieves Jerry’s vision – one single guitar which can emulate a huge number of the most instantly recognizable solid-body and semi-acoustic tones out there.

Body: American Alder
Neck/Fingerboard: Bolt On, 7 1/4″ Radius
Scale: 25.5″/648mm
Frets: 22 Medium
Neck Inlays: Black Dot
Pickguard: Single Ply White
Tuners: Wilkinson Deluxe WJ55S
Bridge: Wilkinson WTB
Pickups: 2 Custom Designed Wilkinson WJTD Single Coils
Neck: Full Size, Alnico II
Bridge: JD Spec, Alnico II
Hardware: Chrome
Controls: 1 Volume / 1 Tone / Custom Wired 5-Way Lever Switch

  • Neck pickup only - warm, vintage Strat® tones
  • Neck pickup with extra capacitor - great for jazz or Woman tone
  • Neck and Bridge Pickup together
  • Neck and Bridge with Strat® 'quack' tone
  • Bridge pickup only - Straight Tele® bridge pickup tones
  • Vintage V58JDAB with Gator GB-4G ELEC Series Gig Bag $699.00 plus any sales tax and shipping required.

    Premier Guitars did a great video review of this guitar.

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    V58JDAB with case
    V58JDAB with case

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