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Custom Effects Pedals and Texas Tone™ Tube Amps

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

"Distinctly Different Sounding Amps"

"Amazing tone!!!" - Jonray Higginbotham, Kingdom Sound.

"The 'Texas Tone 12' amp from Blumentritt Amplification [has] the crisp cleans, and crunchy punch and pop I'm always looking for... it is definitely the sound of Austin, Texas, right there." - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

"Texas Tone... these custom amps are remarkable! His stuff was just amazingly impressive!!! They were awesome...and totally handmade custom...coolest amps I have ever seen!" - Lauraine O'Toole, musician and audio engineer.

"Revved 'Blondie' up in the garage today.....dude, THE BEST amp choice I ever made!" - John Barnes, musician, talking about his Texas Tone 12.

“Many times I'll play amps and you can't tell one from the other. These are very distinctly different sounding amps. They made me play differently. I started approaching the instrument in a different way as I played each one.” - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

Texas Tone 12

All Amps Feature The Following Standards:

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