Texas Tone™ NOS JAN 5Y3GT

This is a NOS, USA made JAN 5Y3WGTA tube.

Does your amp call for a 5Y3GT rectifier? Are you tired of new production tubes labeled as 5Y3GT but they're not really built to 5Y3 specs? A true 5Y3GT is a directly heated, full-wave rectifier, of medium power, about 120mA. Some of the new production tubes labeled as 5Y3GT tubes are 140mA indirectly heated tubes that have less voltage drop than a true 5Y3GT, which causes higher voltage output on circuits designed for lower voltages. This effect, coupled with USA line voltages being 5 to 10 Volts higher than line voltages in the 1950s, can lead to some undesireable high B+ voltages in your vintage amps.

This is the real thing, a USA made, new-old-stock (NOS) true 5Y3GT rectifier tube. Bring your amp back up to spec with this rectifier tube. It just may outlast your amp.


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