JJ Electronics ECC83S - 12AX7, 7025

High gain pre-amplifying double triode

All JJ tubes are screened for noise; every JJ Electronic tube we sell is tested and inspected.

The JJ Electronics ECC83S is a 12AX7/7025 high gain pre-amplifying double triode. They have a spiral filament frame grid construction that is similar to the Telefunken ECC803s. This construction makes them very rugged and reliable. Thanks to this design it also peforms with very low noise and microphonics. They are harmonically rich, with a detailed low end and a warm high end. It has a well-balanced, colorful tone with strongly defined lows and mids and smooth highs, and allows for more clean headroom than higher gain 12AX7s. These are available graded for High Gain and also available with current Balanced triodes for phase inverter use and Balanced and Matched in pairs or multiples.

We have found the JJ 12AX7 to be smooth and warm with lots of top-end harmonic sparkle, and they're immediately discernible from other 12AX7 tubes, and they're the lowest noise 12AX7 that we've come across. This is one of the best new 12AX7s for any guitar amp. It is very musical - rich with great harmonics.

Texas Tone® Amps use the JJ 12AX7 as the cathode follower for Bassman and JTM45 type amps, and all three posisitons in other Marshall amp types.

JJ 12AX7 Specs

JJ 12AX7 Characteristics

The JJ Electronics ECC83S - stringently tested for noise and microphonics using Amplitrex testers driving an external amp. Inquire for quantities on hand or to place an order.

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