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They are really good. Incredibly clean tones, they love pedals. It’s the amp Fender should be making! -Mark Daven, The Guitar Radio Show

The EB 22 is hot, y'all!" - Ellis Bullard, Honky Tonk Hero.

I needed something that could break up naturally and be played at low volume... amazing piece of equipment!!! I’ve never had better tone on stage :) -Justin Ahmanson, The Traveling Ones.

Amazing!!! My Texas Tone 30 sounded great... The tone was on point... Never have to worry about it. -Bryce Wayt, The Yellow Roses

Texas Tone® Tube Amplifiers

Distinctly Different Amps

Production Tube Amps:

All Amps Feature The Following Standards:

Texas Tone® 12 Combo

My signature amp. A 12W blues/rock tube combo amp with Hypnotic Slam Effect tremolo and 12" speaker.

Texas Tone® 12 Head

The 12W Texas Tone 12 tube amplilfier head with Hypnotic Slam Effect tremolo.

Texas Tone® 12 EB22 Special

The Ellis Bullard signature edition Texas Tone 12 tube combo amp with more output and more cleans, and the Hypnotic Slam Effect tremolo.

Texas Tone® XTM45 Reverb head

50W, all tube, Extreme Performance reverb and tremolo amp, with enhanced reverb, tremolo, extra drive, and a Magic Mid boost to take you from scooped mids to 18 dB boost across the board.

Tweed Deluxe combo kit

5E3 12" combo, updated for today's guitarists.

Texas Tone® 15V

15W 12" speaker combo amp for that vintage British Invasion tone.

Texas Tone® 30 Combo

35W, all tube, 12" speaker combo amp with special Lead channel voicing, along with a vintage channel and treble, mid, and bass controls.

Texas Tone® 50 Combo

50W, all tube, 2 x 12" speaker combo amp with special Lead channel voicing, Vintage channel, treble, mid, and bass, and Voicing controls.

Texas Tone® Ranger

Flexible rocker with one low-gain channel and one high-gain channel.

Texas Tone® Traveler

The ultimate in portable versatility.

Texas Tone® PS-150 Head

Channel-switching stage & studio amp. A traditional vintage channel and a high gain '800' channel. Designed to control stage or studio volume, with 1 Watt output.

Texas Tone® TinyMax

Tiny 8W rocker with maximum flexibility.

Signature Amps:

Texas Tone® Signature Series

Artist Signature Amplifiers!

Texas Tone® Studio Series

Cranked Tube Tone at lower volumes!

Custom Order Tube Amps

Texas Tone® Heartbreak Deluxe

A New Take on the venerable Deluxe Reverb.

Texas 2-Step Combo

12W Push-Pull tweed Deluxe and 6W Single-Ended Champ, both in one cabinet with a 12" speaker.

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Custom Effects Pedals

Kick Box Clean Boost

A flexible clean boost pedal.

Armadillo Tone Tube Preamp / Boost

All tube preamp / boost pedal with separate Gain, Tone, and Volume controls

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Parts, Tubes, and Cables

Tube Amp Survival Kit

Save time and money on the road.

New and N.O.S. Tubes

Selection of vacuum tubes.

Texas Tone® Cabinets

Made in USA Vintage Fender cabinets

Texas Tone® Cables

Hand made speaker and guitar cables

Guitars for Sale

New and modified guitars

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